Norco Frame Identification-norco_smali.jpgNorco Frame Identification-norco_small_2.jpgNorco Frame Identification-norco_small_3.jpg

Would love some help identifying what this Norco frame might be. It is very unique in that it has routing for the front derailleur running under the bottom bracket and then the rear derailleur running on the top tube. It also has a pump peg on it as well and some uniqueness to how the head tube is done.

Any idea what year and model Norco it is? Definitely a Norco by the drop out stamping but haven't been able to find much detail. With the rear brake noodle assuming early 90s or late eighties. Tubing is very light so I would love to figure out the model and year.

Many thanks in advance to all you gurus!!! Hope your Wed is going well.