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    Need help/advice to restore Trek 930

    I have my old Trek 930 (from approx 1995) bike in the garage and want to restore it to be able to go on rides with my daughter. I enjoyed riding it and think it is a shame to dump it and just go buy a new one, right? I somehow lost the front wheel in our move and need help figuring out what to get. The back wheel is a Matrix, but I don't seem to be able to find that brand. Do I need to buy matching front and back wheels, or can I just buy a front one? If so, what should I buy and from where? Thanks so much for your help!

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    Matrix was Trek's in-house brand so you won't find a new matrix wheel for sale, but regardless they don't need to match. You could buy a new wheel from here, Bicycle Bike Wheels Online | but make sure it is a qr (quick release) and not 15mm axle and rim brakes.

    However if you live near a big city there might be a community bike shop or "bike project" shop you could go to and just buy a used front wheel. This is the local bike project near where I live: Reno Bike Project - If not your best bet is really to just stop by your local LBS and they should be able to sort you out.

    You could find a used wheel on eBay for cheap, but no way to tell what shape the rim or hub is in. If you do want to do that, make sure it is a double wall rim, qr hub and 26". Preferably with a decent hub something like deore lx, dx or xt.
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