I've got two manitou 3 forks on a couple of single speed bonty's. i really like the plush 1 1/4" travel -- woohoooo! not to mention the appropriate geometry for those frames

they are mad light, pretty stiff and retro out the yin-yang. whats not to love? they both have spring kits in them, but they have a weakness:

the plastic (or glass filled resin?) rod that goes down the center and holds the bumper elastomers tends to strip out at the knurled nut which secures the end to the bottom of the lowers.

The question is: did any of the subsequent Manitou forks have a similar (interchangable) part without this flaw? like say, made of alum. instead? I've never had a custom part machined before, but it's gotta be expensive.

any old school manitou gurus out there?