Hey all,

I'm restoring and rebuilding my old Manitou 2 and Manitou 3 elastomer suspension forks. Located the new elastomers Suspension Fork Parts eStore - (Powered by CubeCart) and now I'm going through the tedious process of removing the bolts which have seized or stripped from years of use.

My questions are related to the size and grade of two of the three bolts. I have the necessary 6mm (bolt diameter) socket cap hex bolts for the 2 and 3's crown (12.9 metric grade). What I want to replace are the small 5mm (B.D.) on the top and bottom of the 3 and bottom of the 2. The hex wrench size for those are 3mm and the length appears to be 12mm.

The other bolts are flathead (countersunk) hex bolts that attach the brake arch to the fork stanchions. Those measure 6mm (B.D.) with a 15mm length but have no bolt grade stamped on them. They use a 4mm hex wrench.

So which would be the safest bolt grade to replace? I'm guessing 12.9 but I would like to be sure. What finish is appropriate (zinc, stainless, etc.)?

Also, I was under the impression that countersunk flat head bolts are measured from top to bottom, unlike other bolts that are measured from under the base of the threads...am I correct?

My other question has to do with cleaning the interior of the fork legs. The elastomers turned into a chemical compound akin to half dried rubber cement. The substance has applied itself to quite a bit of the fork and it's parts. I have had good luck with soaking in detergent and then cleaning with Goo Gone. Is there another product that might work better? Some of the parts still have a tackiness to them that I'd like to eliminate before reassembly.

Thanks in advance!!!