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    Litespeed owl hollow. 97/98

    Anyone own one of these frames? Still riding it ?
    I bought mine new and was so happy. It's truly a work of TI art. Back when the Lynsky family made me want a TI frame. I'm building mine back up. I only wish it had disc tabs. I would never pervert this frame with an added tab.

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    I have a post Lynsky 200 Litespeed Pisgah, but it's close in time to the Lynsky era so hopefully that counts as a Lynsky Litespeed.

    I only rode it 2 times since 2003, but I just recently tuned her up and she is still good as new.

    If you want to run disc brakes the conversion is only $20 (from Amazon. Search on "bicycle disc brake adapter"

    As my my Litespeed, I am going to keep her with my Avid Arch Supreme V-Brakes as long as I can.

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