I got a decent November 82 SJ locally (fairbanks AK) from a guy who (we thank!) pulled the poor thing from a dumpster & listed on CL (paid $45!)

Add this to my '82 tig'd, '84, and '85 sport SJ collection! This one's good enough to easily full restore (xcept maybe a brooks seat instead & add some fenders)

I realize now should've posted this here, but here's a little more on it (and other questions):
82 specialized stumpjumper (and others): serial coding for frame builder?

In short, serial is M2K50511, lugged, vertical dropouts, TA cranks, Tomasellis, pillow-block stem, Mafacs, mighty shifters, MKS BMX pedals. Needs wheels, seatpost, seat.

And I'm starting to think this is another 'variable' on these: two top tube, open midsection cable mounts (as opposed to the three, housing entire, versions I seem to see in the photos more often, and in my opinion a better design.

For some reason I was convinced it was a 26.0 seatpost diameter (maybe it is on my tigged, I forget), so promptly bought an old laprade, but it arrived yesterday and seems not to be... Can't seem to find anybody telling the answer on the web, so asking here! I could be convinced it's a 26.6, based on the wiggle-room on the 26.0.

Any thoughts?

Also, I welcome sources of a set of 7x wheels or rims if anybody's got some!

If anybody needs a 26.0 Laprade, I've got an extra now - else goes into the parts pile (which I secretly covet/don't mind adding stuff like this to)

By the way, this is apparently my first post here, though have sourced a lot of good info here over the years!

Waiting comments and facts,