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    KHS Expedition info ???

    picked this up the other day and don't know much about it and thought i'd ask here before chopping it up. says it's a chromo frame made in Taiwan and has some cool parts but is it anything special?

    i'm gonna strip the bmx related stuff off it (araya 7x's with suntour large flange sealed hubs and the sugino cranks) but just wanted to make sure it wasn't some unique complete that should be left a survivor.

    any thoughts?

    KHS Expedition info ???-khs-expedition.jpg
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    I'm not sure why you think 26" wheels with a gear cluster and triple ring cranks are BMX related. Suntour did more than just BMX stuff.

    The Suntour stuff is original to that bike, in fact the whole bike looks to have it's original spec (not sure about tyres, grips or saddle though).

    Not sure how rare or collectable it is, but it's a great representation of an original MTB of that era. The Suntour parts should have a date stamp somewhere in the form of two letters.

    Scroll down a bit here to Suntour to decipher those codes.

    Date of Manufacture of Bicycle Components can be used to date a bike: component dating

    I think it's a great score and if it was mine, I'd be cleaning it up and leaving it as-is (subject to a new cluster and chain, tubes, tyres if they're cracked, cables and outers if they're manky and brake pads if they're hard).


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    thanks grumps, the date link you sent is great....definitely helps

    i agree suntour made more than just bmx but the there's a lot that are used in both mtb and bmx.

    the triple ring sugino cranks i know aren't exactly bmx but being 175's are a desirable size. the wheels will be bmx when i take off the freewheel and adjust the spacing on the rear hub.

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