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    help removing Critical Racing cantis

    I'm sure a picture would help but I'm experiencing technical difficulties- so here goes my best try at an explanation-
    When I disassembled these brakes and removed everything from the frame, I end up with the left side canti still attached to the brake boss on the front and the back. There's a brass bushing? that fits tightly over the brake boss that is attached to the canti arm itself. I can pull the assembly up maybe an 1/8" but it will not come off. I can spin it around the boss but it only spins. Do I need a gear puller to remove these brakes? FWIW, it even seems like the wall thickness of the left side brake boss is thicker than the right side.

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    A bigger hammer. Really. The ends of the brake bosses have flared on you.
    Use a 9 or 10mm open end wrench. 9 fits perfect over the boss but a 10 will do. Slide it behind the brake and over the boss. Tap the wrench with a hammer. Bingo. Emery cloth to diminish the bulge on the boss.
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    thanks jeff. that worked for the front boss, but the back is still stuck. I did remove the boss entirely from the frame and looks like a hacksaw will do the trick. I'll just get another brake boss...

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    Try warming up the bushing with a lighter

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