Hi All,

As you can see I am new to all this so please accept my apologies if I have posted in the wrong section or broken any of the unwritten rules that i have not had the pleasure of stumbling upon yet.

As you can see from the thread title i have recently purchased a GT XCR 1000 I-Drive frame which i intend to build up and restore for my own personal use, the frame was 50 and comes complete with Fox SID rear shock.

Question? is there anywhere or anyone who can supply the decals for this frame, i believe it is a 99 frame, I have looked on the GT UK website and they advise that anything pre 2001 (pre bankruptcy) is no longer issued. I can send pics to anyone who thinks they can help me in my quest to get this baby back on the road?

I will keep you all update on my progress.

Thanks MTBR and i look forward to speaking with some of you soon.