The Diamond Back thread?

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  • 11-19-2013
    Has anyone cyclocrossed a 90 allure with 27.5 wheels
  • 11-20-2013

    Originally Posted by Hdpearson13 View Post
    Has anyone cyclocrossed a 90 allure with 27.5 wheels

    Odds are it has happened at least once - somewhere.
  • 01-30-2014
    G Rider
    Ascent Bottom bracket

    Originally Posted by cegrover View Post
    Odds are it has happened at least once - somewhere.

    Hey, I've search this thread and I have yet to find out anything about a bottom bracket on the diamondback ascent. I've got one from 92 I think # as U92021533. The BB measures 73mm. Can anyone tell me which BB fits? I've looked on ebay but not sure what would fit. I've got some old Truvativ FiveD cranks I want to use if it's doable. I want to get this thing on the mountain! Thanks!
  • 02-15-2015
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    Here is my 1993 Apex. 1993 was my favorite year, because the Head Tubes were bigger than usual. This 18" frame, measures 19" the traditional way. It has a big 5.5" Head Tube. I am a 6'1" rider with long legs, with a strong preference for smaller frames. More fun, flickable. Transports me back into time, to my BMX childhood. This bike fits me well, even for long rides. Much better than the 18" 1994 GT Bravado LE, that it replaced. That frame only had a 4" Head Tube. The Top Tube was basically horizontal. It felt like a road bike. Even with a 2" riser bar, it was quite uncomfortable. Especially on the neck. (I should have gotten the 20"). What a brilliant riding frame though.

    As for this Diamondback, it is a superb frame. Quick and Nimble, with good geometry. I know quality when it comes to vintage steel mtb's. Owned a 1994 GT Bravado LE, and my other bike is a 2006 Jamis Dragon Team. This one is a keeper, it rides well. Have her set up for Street and Hardpack, fun times. I probably would have had to get a 20" Diamondback frame in the 94-97 years, because of their smaller Head Tubes, due to my height. Yet you lose some nimbleness with the bigger size. And my torso is small, so I prefer small Top Tubes. Yes it is hard to find a good frame me!
  • 05-31-2015
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    Top is DB Sorrento from '97 bought it as a leftover but new. And have rode the heck out of it. But the kid seat makes it hard to ride on single track. The bottom one I just bought for $35, couldn't pass it up. It's a DB override, don't know much about it, cro-mo frame 700c wheels, 21spd trans.
  • 05-31-2015
    Uncle Grumpy
    $35 for the Overdrive is a good score.

    Going off the decals, that looks to be a 1991 (or thereabouts).

    Remember how in about 2001, there was all this talk about a new wheel size, the 29er? And then a couple of years ago someone decided to coin a phrase for a new type of niche bike called a "gravel grinder"? Well, as usual, there's nothing new under the sun and all that was done years ago before the marketing departments spoke to the magazine editors and all of a sudden we had a new must-buy. This is one such bike.

    Set it up with slicks and have a great commuter. Put on the biggest knobbies it will fit and have a great bike for long days of smooth(er) trails.

  • 01-12-2016
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    1994 Diamondback Apex
    Here's my 1994 Diamondback Apex in size 20". It has few nicks and scratches over the years, the worst being on the stickers, but overall it is in excellent shape. It has mostly stock components. The only exceptions are the tires and barends. As is, it currently weighs 28.0 lbs. With lighter kevlar tires and barends removed, it should come down to ~26 lbs range...maybe even to ~25 lbs range with few other changes. But for now, will keep it as is.

    Side View
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    Front View
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    Rear View
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    TT-Lite ;)
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    Here you can see the shine of the paint pretty clearly.
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  • 01-13-2016
    Nice Apex. I've always liked those and that one looks in nice condition.

    Did those Bontrager bars come stock too?
  • 01-13-2016
    Should be a cool little workhorse. I have an Axis from that era and it was a great ride. Bontrager bars were stock, BTW.
  • 01-13-2016

    Originally Posted by tahoebeau View Post
    Nice Apex. I've always liked those and that one looks in nice condition.

    Did those Bontrager bars come stock too?

    Yup, the Bontrager Titec bars are stock.
  • 01-18-2016
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    my 1994 Apex 4th rebuild...
    I have had this bike since it was built in front of me at the shop I worked at in 1994-95. I am constantly upgrading it to this day, next will be a Renthal Carbon Lite riser bar/ Race Face Respond stem.
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    Here it is today...
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    XTR, XT, RS XC32 solo air, Mavic 717, Renthal Carbon... the Apex had the same frame as Axis TT-Lite Chromoly, snake stays. Vintage race whip, 26er style!
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  • 05-26-2016
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    My Diamond Back Response Elite 1993
    Hello People,

    New to the Forum, and here is my Diamond Back Response Elite 1993 which my wife rides every week. Changed out both front and back wheels just last week, as the 20+ years old originals were warped badly.

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