When Joe Breeze and I toured the UK this summer lecturing about my book, we spent one evening in a pub with a couple of guys from Cranked magazine.

The article turned out to be pretty lengthy, so I scanned it into a .pdf.

A design magazine called Mohawk Quarterly contacted me last summer about doing an article about the Fat Tire Flyer magazine. It is now available online (scroll to page 50)

The print version of the same publication is a hundred times as impressive as the online version. It is produced by a paper company and the subject is design, and they pulled out all the stops. You can get a FREE COPY if you pay for the shipping, which in my case was $16. The link is hard to find, buried in the text. Totally worth it, this is a collector's item.

The Mohawk Quarterly arrives in a neat cardboard folder.
Cranked presents "The Charlie and Joe Show"-mohawk0a.jpg

Inside there is a unique art work printed individually for each copy, and bound pages on the right.
Cranked presents "The Charlie and Joe Show"-mohawk1a.jpg

The Fat Tire Flyer article is represented as a stand-alone version of an '80s 'zine.
Cranked presents "The Charlie and Joe Show"-mohawk3a.jpg

I wrote the copy, and the images were drawn from the same sources as those in my book.
Cranked presents "The Charlie and Joe Show"-mohawk4.jpg