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    Anyone remember RD Coyote?

    I believe the history of these bikes were Taiwanese frames contracted by the now defunct ski maker as they tried to get into another sporting sector. About 10-15 years back I picked up a pink frame with interesting rear dropouts. Attached to the chainstays was a very beefy lug, similar to ones I've seen on 3Rensho road/track bike. The frame used relatively low end Tange MTB tubing. Been thinking of letting it go for several years, but the interesting dropout keeps me from doing so. I'll pull out the frame and snap some pictures (buried for many years), but attached is a photo of someone else's 3Rensho with the lugged rear dropout, though mine does not have horizontal drops. Has anyone seen a MTB with lugged dropouts like this?Anyone remember RD Coyote?-a586309a7e43b0c1a4d6f0551dc38631619eb78a.jpg

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    I've got an rd, but not with those outs.

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    Great company,
    They were 100% supportive on MB events in the Pacific NW in the late 80's-early 90's.
    Won a high end pair of ski's of theirs at Mt Hood....
    Gave e'm to #1 son though, as I'm not a pretty sight on ski's...or,FTM, pretty much ever

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    Because of the ski industry connection I had quite a few friends that rode them in the early 90's. Scott also. Underwhelmed by the bikes though. They had some great skis in their line up though.
    Zip ties? Not on my bike!

    650B rims or wheel set. 80's vintage 32 or 36 x 135mm

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