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    Anyone heard of "Avitar" bikes?

    So today at the shop I worked on a bike that's apparently called an "Avitar Expert." Having only looked at the name of the bike on the repair ticket but not the ACTUAL bike, I thought it must just be some generic K-Mart special that no one has ever heard of. But I walk to the back room to pull the bike out and start the tune up, and this thing surprised the crap out of me! I'm not sure of where this thing came from, but one thing is for sure - it ain't new.

    The frame itself (painted glossy black) is fairly generic looking, with no fancy decals other than the "Expert" decal on the top tube, and the "Avitar" decal on the downtube. There is a small "Avitar headbadge decal, and a small, generic looking "4130 chromoly" decal on the seat tube. 1" threaded, rigid fork. The only thing about it that stands out, design-wise, is that the mono-style seatstays meet the seat tube about 2 inches above where the top tube meets the seat tube.

    Here is what made the bike stand out to me and make me think that there must be something more to this bike - the parts mix:
    • XT thumb shifters
    • LX hubs, non-parrallax
    • Deore 5-bolt cranks with bio-pace rings
    • LX front derailler
    • DX rear derrailler
    • LX center-pull brakes
    • DiaCompe XCE "Short Stop" brake levers

    Seatpost, stem and handlebar seem to be no-name generic black, along with anodized black single-wall Araya rims. Avenir saddle. There's a Made in Taiwan sticker on the underside of the downtube, near the bottom bracket.

    Also, this bike is in very good condition, with only a handful of paint chips that (based on their location) probably came from transporting instead of hard riding. I'd say this thing has only a few hundred miles, maybe even less than one hundred, and has never seen dirt. My best guess is that it is from maybe '93-94.

    Does this ring anyone's bell? I'll post more if I get any good details from the owner.

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    Sounds like a Rocky Moountain Expert with Avitar parts. I think Avitar( Avenir ? sp?) was in some kinda partnership with RM...DeeEight would know
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