• 10-15-2006
    1998 (?) GT Avalanche LE (?) brake question
    I am taking a chance that this might not be considered Vintage or Retro by you folks, but here it goes.

    I inherited a late 90's GT Avalanche, I believe it to be an LE (XT rear D, LX front D, LX brake lever/shifters, 8-spd)...It currently has the older center-pull style brakes. The cable was HOPELESSLY gummed up so I have to either find a new cable system for the old center pull system or...See if new LX V-brakes can be retrofitted. HELP! Thanks!.

    Also, the XT rear D and LX front D seem fine...can I use newer LX 9-speed trigger shifters with them?
  • 10-15-2006
    Any bike shop can sell you a brake cable.

    By center pull do you mean canti's or a U-brake? A picture would help.