I'm going to Germany for a couple months and didn't want to be bicycle-less for the time. On good recommendation I bought a used VSF (Verbund Service und Fahrrad e.V.) bike sight unseen through a friend of a friend. When I try to find out info online about it I can't really find anything definitive. I know it has 3x7 gears, Shimano drivetrain, 28" wheels, steel 56cm frame, Brooks saddle and Magura HSL hydro rim brakes.

I know the original owner rode it a lot. It's been overhauled about three times during its life. I'm told it needs a new cluster, chain and probably chain rings.

What I'm trying to figure out, will it be cheaper to bring those parts with me or purchase them locally? If I bring them from the states what important info am I going to need about 7 speed drivetrains? I'm working on getting the owner to send me close up pics of the components to help.

Anyone familiar with these older German bikes?