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    Idea! 1992 Raleigh Kalahari Bottom Bracket Issue

    Hi All,

    New to this community, but keen as mustard to advise and take advice.

    Just got back my old Raleigh Kalahari bought at Halfords in Huddersfield around 1992. Turned it into a touring bike with dropped handlebars and a few up grades to get me through over French Pyrenees, I also gave it three coats of black Hammerite as I didn't like the original sickly colour.... I digress.

    This month I got ,my bike back after exporting it to Bulgaria and being looked after and being ridden by a friend there for over ten years. (He finally got to buy his own bike when the bottom bracket seized. lol)

    I am now very excited of the prospect of riding the Kalahari again with a mission to rebuild the bike.

    Picture as it was when I got it back.
    1992 Raleigh Kalahari Bottom Bracket Issue-lenovo_a1000_img_20171109_153811.jpg

    and after I stripped it down....
    1992 Raleigh Kalahari Bottom Bracket Issue-lenovo_a1000_img_20171112_133841.jpg

    However, I am confused about the bottom bracket. After extracting the BB I found a Shimano square tapered BB-UN52 68 BC1.37 x 24 with no mark on on spindle length but I measured it at 113mm.

    1992 Raleigh Kalahari Bottom Bracket Issue-lenovo_a1000_img_20171112_203400.jpg
    This is the bottom bracket that needs replacing

    What I'd like to know is what alternatives can I use as a replacement? Quite confused with other Shimano UN numbers and whether they can be used i.e. UN55, UN26. If someone can get me out of confusion mode with some recommendations of BB that I can put in and get on with my restoration would be great!

    Looking forward to any comments with hope and glad to be part of the cycling community.

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    The higher the number the better the quality.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikesee
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    Thanks for that.

    But, regardless if the dimensions are the same will they fit.
    (I see some that look like they have different styled thread, even threads both ends.)

    As I can only buy online with no bike shops locally that can supply, I don't want buy it online get it and have to return if not compatable.


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    here you go:
    Wiggle | Shimano BB-UN55 Bottom Bracket British Thread | Bottom Brackets

    drop down menu to select 68x113 BSA

    you may/may not ned a BB tool like this if you don't have one:
    Wiggle | X-Tools BB Tool Octalink/Square One Size | Workshop Tools
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    Thanks for the path ahead. Will get me off the starting block of my rebuild with this part now. Still confused with BBs but if it fits I needn't rack my brains for a few years, the old one UN52 lasted 20 years!

    I have the tools, that was less confusing.

    Thanks Again


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    Bike pro catalogue says all the UN BB have the same bearings and seals.
    They are all cheap relatively speaking..
    They all have one big drawback: they work as well as other BB costing 5 times more.
    Unless you lose sleep over 40gr in bottom/center of your frame, a 15 dollar UN51 will do the job for years.
    WTB: Bomber Z2 1 1/8 steerer, in good to excellent shape OR bomber rebuild kit.

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    Sound good to me. Got a new UN55 for 17 Euros. Works out at around 1 Euro a year based on the lifetime of the BB52 previously.

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