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    What case do you keep your Go Pro in?

    Post yours!
    Interested to see what people are using, that being soft case or hard case.

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    I throw mine in my camel back.
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    I keep my Contour HD 1080 in the hardcase it came in when it's resting.

    When in use, it rides along with me on my helmet.

    When in transit to a riding destination, it travels in my fanny pack for local rides and in my CamelBak for longer rides.
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    I would like to get a case for mine but never have. I keep mine in the side pocket of my camelbak.

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    I carry mine in this $4 Canon camcorder case.

    It isn't quite as kick ass looking as a Pelican case with all the customized foam layout, but it is also 1/20th the cost.

    In mine, I keep 2 of the gopro bodies ready to go, one is always setup to go on my tripod (mounts mounted) and one is setup to go on my chesty (ie: no mounts). I also carry the chesty in its own package in there, all the cords, extra batteries, extra SD cards, cleaning stuff and the instructions. It all fits great, the case is very well made and well protected.

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    I have a little stuff sack that I put mine in before I toss it into my gear bag. I started this practice after I scratched the crap out of the first lens on my first SD Go Pro. I always have to dig for it to find it after the ride but it saves the lens from all the grit and grime in my bag.

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    I'm leaning towards the pelican just because I hate having to be super careful about my gear..

    I have a box (nothing near a pelican) I've been keeping it in, here it is.
    I got it at a goodwill for $5 a while back thought it was cool looking and I could maybe use it sometime

    So what do you guys think?
    I'm not sure if I should get the pelican or get foam for this...
    It would probably be like $8 maybe less for foam...
    It's 9" x 15"

    Tell me what you think.

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