• 12-03-2012
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    Using Cineform to edit with any camera?
    Hello -
    Is there a benefit to using Cineform to edit with even if you don't have a GoPro? I currently have a Drift HD Stealth and am looking to improve the overall vid quality. Upgrading to a Drift Ghost or GP3 isn't an option right now.

    What does everyone use to import and edit their vid files to get the best quality?
  • 12-03-2012
    I use Imovie, but need a mac for that... Both Contour and GoPro have their own software (Cineform IS Gopro's right?) very basic but can do some minor editing...

    PC's really need some "purchased" software and there are MANY out there.. seems Sony's is used a lot and Adobe's (if ya have the cash!!)

    I've had some limited play time on a few of the cheaper $50 and under software and got to say it's not bad, thou can be a little intimidating if new to the whole vid editing software.

    Pinnacle Studios and Corel both have a free demo to try as I believe Adobe Premiere Elements does

    there are a MESS of threads here on the subject, look around
  • 12-08-2012
    I don't have any good editing software so use windows movie maker. I think its great for splicing clips together and controlling video speed.

    I used CineForm for the first time the other day and while I think WMM is better for splicing clips, I really like the ability to change things like contrast, saturation, and sharpness in CineForm. Until I can get my hands on better software, I'm going to use both solutions.

  • 12-08-2012
    Depends whats videos your talking about .. If your talking about the norm that around here then its all about the settings that you render your video file.. Unfort Youtube compresses your video and takes away from the quality a bit and such.. I have seen some good videos but then again its nothing like a real camera like some of the sick videos you see on pinkbike .