Hey guys I have never liked chest mounts, and the water bottle mount I made from acrylic/plexiglass cracked. SO I have been looking for a way and place to mount my GoPro that has a stable platform for smooth filming that doesn't require lots of customizations.

I actually have a K-Edge bar mount but hate it mounted to the bars- to shaky. SO I thought and thought and thought some more.

I just got a new DB Scapegoat 2012 frame with a DHX 5.0 Fox shock. Awesome. Anyways I was looking at the piggyback's diameter and then it hit me.....take a look. And so that you know; the mount is not overly tightened and can be turned easily, I used plastic hardware besides the aluminum K-Edge mount so that hopefully it will snap if impacted.

Crappy mobile pics but you get the picture.