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Thread: Sony Action Cam

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    I guess I'm in the minority here, but I hate the chest mount. I guess I should say I hate the videos from the chest mounts... it makes you look like you have long, gangly ET arms. "Phoooone hooooome.... "

    I also love the rotating lens that Contour offers. I realize that there are lots of GoPro mounts, but you still have that box hanging out/up/off the side of something, where with the Contour, it's much more adaptable and "sleek", for lack of a better word. I like that my cam lies flat on its side on the top of my helmet (because I can rotate the lens) or can be mounted on the side of a motorcycle helmet or on a goggle strap or, with a "pinch mount" on the side of a baseball cap. I currently use it strapped to the headtube of my bike with a side mount and the camera upright. Lots of options, none of which stick out anywhere. That's important to me.

    All that said, though, the Hero3 image just blows everything else away. I have a ROAM now, and mounted alongside the headtube, it does a good job. Like toughened point and shoot cameras, I realize there are tradeoffs and I'm not going to make Bluray, movie quality videos out of a $200 (actually, $89 on the Amazon flash sale last year ) or $300 or even $400 wearable camera.

    The Hero3 is tempting and I certainly see uses it, but for now, I'll stick with Contour because of the amazing flexibility and see how they answer this challenge. The +2 and ROAM2 aren't the answer... I hope.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Launch Helmet Cams View Post
    Here is the video comparison we did with the GoPro Hero2 Silver vs Sony Action Cam vs Contour+2 vs Drift HD. You can skip the talking by going straight to the 4:20 mark:

    <iframe width="853" height="480" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    Thanks for putting that all together. It was great seeing all 4 against each other with different modes and different types of filming. Gotta say I don't see that much different between all 4 videos. I'm sure the GP3 w/ProTune would be superior w/o compression and such but when is there not compression?

    I'm actually leaning towards the Contour+2 at this point. I've owned the Roam and now I have the GP2. The quality of the GP2 is fantastic but dealing with the cases and all the settings and various mounts is such a headache that I never actually use it. All the times that I've gone through the effort to do some filming I end up hitting the wrong setting or leaving the LCD on so I get bad footage and dead batteries. I guess what I'm saying is I'm not patient enough for GP cameras.

    With the Roam I left my mount on my helmet and would just hit the on button and go. I also loved the laser and the rotating lens. I also liked that I didn't have to use case for riding, even in the rain. The problem with the Roam was the quality just wasn't there. Now the +2 is supposed to at least match the GP2, which is fine for me. Kind of a bummer that the GP3 came out now I won't get much for my GP2. Oh well, the +2 should drop in price pretty quickly with the GP3 getting all the attention.

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