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    Listen! Riding the "Waterfall" section of Mountain Goat Trail...on ONE wheel!

    I shot this today at "Mountain Goat" trail in Santiago Oaks, Orange, CA. This is footage of the infamous "Waterfall" section. Definitely one of the most challenging technical sections I've ever ridden, and of course, waaaay steeper than it looks. First time my magura brake shoes were "shocked" out of alignment!

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    "Over 50, and not '2' Tired!"

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    cool vid, good riding,,, looks super techy,,, specially for one wheel.... you must have great core strengh,,,,, lol was you intentionally moving your arm to the beat of the music,,, or was that coincidental. lol...

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    Very nice. Amazing riding and a cool video as well. And I like the chunky guitar sound from the soundtrack.

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