Have not exactly sorted this out, but have not actually lost the video or audio.

Guessing that at some point I was granted an automatic update to a program, not sure which one but something.

Ultimately, Quicktime is no longer able to playback any of the .MOV or AVI stuff, possibly even other items.

When attempting to playback a .MOV, a pop up opens saying "error 2002 a bad public movie atom was found in the movie" followed by the title.

Uninstalled quicktime, reinstalled newest version, even reinstalled my codec stuff, still a no go.

If I playback AVI files, they work fine in WMP but have audio only in Quicktime, no video.

I have come up with a workaround, and so far have not lost anything.

Just weird to one week be no pop up errors and now Quicktime is pretty much TU.

FWIW, op system is Vista, editing with Vegas.

BTW, Vegas will not import the corrupted file in .MOV format, I must convert to MPEG 4 if I remember correctly.