just got the ContourHD 1080 big sales all over the web for it making it reasonable to actually buy one. that and $500 for something I'm likely to wipe out and end up breaking never seemed to be justifiable to me, bu for just over $100... that's something I could talk my wallet into..

anyway, it's my first run with it and i made some stupid mistakes,.. but they add humor

music is good too (yup, there is music, give it a min...)

Contour | Stories | First Contour

<iframe width="960" height="540" src="http://contour.com/stories/first-contour--2/embed?map=false&width=960px&height=540px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

if you want info on where the contour HD is on sale I have a "deals" post over at ECTRR....

wicked Vid/cam deals...