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    My ContourHD 1080p review

    Tried out the contour HD 1080p today at aliso.

    The video that is attached was shot at 720p at 60frames per second (Action HD setting). The video was uploaded to the vholdr site raw. I am not sure if the host site reduces the quality. I will check some other time.

    I put different video hosting sites so you can see the quality of the video from the different hosts.

    I shot the upper half of Lynx on 1080p and it is a bit choppy while playing on my computer in the easy edit software that came with the camera. I ended up downloading some other programs and the playback on Quicktime is much better though it is not perfect. I guess my computer is too slow for full blown 1080p. People have stated that though their computers are too slow for 1080p to play without a bit of choppiness, the DVDs made from the camera came out smooth.

    Laser Beams, Baby!

    The camera comes with laser beams to help you make sure that the camera is shooting in the upright position. The laser beams are also useful in determining where your camera will be shooting. Being that this was my first time with a helmet camera, I wasn't sure where I needed to "focus" the camera. I feel that raising the camera up a bit would help with the overall feel of the video.

    Ease of Use

    The camera is very easy to use. When the camera comes on, the laser beams are present so you do not have to guess. In order to start recording, just slide a "switch" forward and you are alerted by a beep and ready to go. In order to stop filming, just slide the "switch" back. Then hold down the button to turn the camera off and you are notified by two or three beeps.


    The mounts that come with the camera is a goggle mount and a flat surface mount (probably for a skid lid or ?)

    I had to wear my full face today just to use the goggle mount.

    They do have a ventend XC helmet mount but I noticed that is it very similar to the goggle mount but they provide the strap. I think I will make my own XC helmet strap allowing me to use the goggle mount for both helmets.

    There are aftermarket handlebar mounts as well.

    Wind noise:

    There is a lot of wind noise at the default setting.. This is understandable as I hear a lot of noise while riding so why wouldn't a camera mic? People have put socks or soft glasses bags over the camera and that has taken away wind noise while retaining the use of the mic. The on and off switch is also functional with the sock or glasses bag modification. If I get desperate enough, I will find a more presenatable method of reducing wind noise

    One more noise that I am getting is the safety strap banging against my helmet. By placing the strap underneath the google solved this issue.

    Two mode camera

    One complaint about the vholdr during my research was how you are unable to change modes without a computer. I really only care to shoot in a couple of modes, 1080p and 720p 60fps. So I put 1080p on the hi setting and 720p 60fps (Action HD) on the lo setting. Therefore, I am able to switch during my riding based on what I am riding. If I am riding something technical and slow, I can shoot 1080p. If I am riding something fast and want good slo mo opportunities, I can do the Action HD.

    Picture Quality

    From my research, I saw a lot of comparison videos and heard a lot of opinions. The opinion I trusted most was CNET and they said that the contour had the best picture quality of any helmet cam they tested. In many of the videos, I felt that the contour had slightly better picture quality.


    I am happy with this purchase. I nearly bought a GoPro HD and I actually didn't open the Contour for hours because I was contemplating returning it and getting a GoPro. I continued to do research and then just opened the contour and am satisfied with the product.

    GoPro or Contour?

    You decide. The contour is prettier and that is where my opinion stops, haha. You probably can't go wrong with either one.

    I can't wait to play with this more often! I was hoping that I would be able to follow someone down another trail to give more reference but the guy in front of me left too early. Oh wells, I will have many more days to play with this.

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    thanks for sharing the video versions! and report

    have you heard if there are going to be any new versions real soon? or is this cam supposed to be good a couple years? did you hear any buzz in your searches?

    some of the ruts on your trail look deep enough to mess up real bad!

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    I'm torn between this and the GoPro, too. Especially with GoPro coming out with a new backend piece that allows for extra battery life and even better, a PREVIEW SCREEN!

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    A preview screen would be beneficial if you are shooting small segments. You could ride the short segment preview and then ride again if need be. The extended battery is probably just to run the preview screen as that seems to take a lot of battery power.

    I wonder what the GoPro feels like on top of your helmet. I put the contour on the top of my helmet and it felt much heavier. I can't imagine the gopro with it being that much higher off the helmet.

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    Wow, that picture quality is amazing. Whats it look like on the TV? Do you see any pixels, blocks, or anything?

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