• 06-03-2014
    McDowell Sports Loop, Arizona Shot with GoPro Hero 3 Black on Chest Mount
    Just a ride I did out at McDowell a couple weeks ago. I wish Youtube didn't take the quality down so much, it looks crystal clear on my computer. Does anybody know how to keep the quality sharp after uploading to Youtube?
  • 06-04-2014
    The video you created likely has a bit rate around 20, but most hosting sites reduce this to 5 or less--really messes with the quality. Not sure about youtube--I use vimeo and pay the price (about 300/year I think) to be able to have a higher quality video. I have looked at many hosting sites and really no one seems to support higher than 5MB bit rate---and that is usually because the bandwidth required to receive that bit rate is large---to give you a different perspective---I press a video at 20MB and it is 680megs in size--upload to vimeo, reduced to 5MB (bit rate) and video file is 200Megs---yep, lower quality. If anyone knows of a hosting site that will support 10MB bit rate delivery or greater let us know.