During summer my local club holds a summer series on a Tuesday night. Its a handicapped race of 3 laps around a 3km course. Most people love this event as it is simple, short and hassle free, we don't use a computer timing system for this event, just a stop watch. You have to really ask yourself why you ride as hard as you can for about 30mins minutes so that you almost throw up, just for 15th place

I put my chest mount on a mate who was in A grade so I could see him going through the field and another mate brought his new camera out as well. He actually stopped to take some shots at a few different locations which gave us lots of different angles.


2011/12 MTB Wagga Summer Series- Round 2 - YouTube

Oh, apologies for the chest mount angle, it was a last minute thing to put it on him so it wasn't set up perfect.