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Thread: Gopro v Garmin

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    Gopro v Garmin

    I really hate "this or that" threads, yet here we are... I promise this one is a little different.

    I don't know that much about video, that's why I'm asking this.
    I gather that the Gopro hero 3+ black is probably the best overall camera out there now. It seems like between the higher resolutions/framerates, and apparently better color, nothing seems to beat it.

    Difficulty is, I can get a Garmin Virb at a pretty good discount. Ok, so now the question is not is the GoPro better, rather how much?

    The gopro will to 60fps at 1080, where Virb Elite only does 30, the gopro does 1440 (I don't know if I even have any way to play that back, but maybe it offers some future-proofing). Does the higher frame rate matter that much? I'm wondering if it mainly comes into play for doing slow motion or something?

    The other thing I think about is form factor: the GoPro is way better for chest mount (and I feel like that's probably the best position for riding video), but it seems like the Garmin would be a better shape for helmet, or almost anywhere else. They do have a shoulder mount that I don't think I've ever seen video from, but it seems promising. The Garmin's ability to put GPS into the video seems promising, but it looks like it's possible to add that after the fact with other cameras.

    I don't really care about sound, since I've never seen any footage with any of this type of camera that had sound that was worth anything anyway. In fact it's rare for me to be riding and hear anything I'd want to remember or share with anyone.

    I guess to sum up: 1 do you agree with my assumption that the gopro is a better? and 2 how much more do you think you'd pay for one vs the Virb elite?
    I'm comparing top of the line cameras here, mostly because the price difference as you go down the line seems pretty small, and I'd rather pay $50-60 extra for a feature I realized I don't use, than pay $300 for a camera that lacks a feature I want.

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    The best camera is the one with the features you will use--Both the garmin and gopro are excellent units.

    1. If you want easy GPS and other sensor data embedded in the video--Garmin
    2. If you want 1080 at 60fps gopro.
    3. If chest mount is your thing--GoPro.

    I own the garmin virb elite (the non elite does not have GPS) and the Sony AS100V--easily embedded sensor data was my priority.

    I have used the shoulder and head mounts for the garmin while XC skiing--I do not think the shoulder mount would work well mountain biking (I feel it would move around too much).

    They are all top notch cameras--you just need to decide on what features are most important to you.

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    Higher frame rate reduces "Jello" shutter effect. That is the one problem with all these cameras that bug me. Once someone brings to market an affordable action camera that doesn't suffer from that, I'll be all over it! Until then I try to shoot with highest frame rate and try go get stable mounting.

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    I use a Virb Elite on a GoPro Chesty mount. No problems.

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    Gopro 3+ I got my after years of telling myself that the roam contour was ok....
    After getting the gopro I would not think on buying anything else the video are great a the mounts let you play getting great shot.
    I use it on my road, all mountain and DH bike.....

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    I have 4 GoPro's....LOL. Hero 3+ Silver, Hero 3 Black, Hero 2, and Hero HD. I would say I have a GoPro obsession.
    I don't use Strava. Don't need an application to tell me I am slow because I already know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawson Raider View Post
    I have 4 GoPro's....LOL. Hero 3+ Silver, Hero 3 Black, Hero 2, and Hero HD. I would say I have a GoPro obsession.
    If you wanna sell that Silver, I'm in the market

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