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    GoPro Knock off or better?

    just saw this thing on Woot.. Woot® : One Day, One Deal Swann action came... looks like the GoPro, same basic design and mount.. but it does have the one thing I think Contour and GoPro have been missing that the Drifts have and that's the remote, which this thing has...

    about the only bad thing I've heard is the mic sucks, but the mic's suck on them all as far as I'm concerned, they just pic up wind noise and cable rattles.. nuttin I want to hear.

    wish I had the $139 buck to try it out... looks like an interesting contender to the Action Cam market
    Going to try and bring Trail Tire TV back. go take a look...

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    The gopro 2 can be triggered remotely, not sure if the add on for it is available yet but they have advertised it already.
    Laser pointer is ok although the field of view is so wide that i find as long as the camera is pointed in the general direction you usually get what you wanted.

    Great price point on this though so for some it'll be a no brainer. The add says nothing of datarate so you don't know the quality of the files you're creating. I suspect though that most of these cams are similar, apart from the protune setting coming this summer to gopro which will be much higher than stock.

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    I saw the same WOOT deal of the Swann Freestyle HD for $139 and since the deal only lasts a day, I had to do some searching to figure out if I had wanted it or not.

    A few things I noticed. The laser pointed doesnt work through the waterproof housing. The waterproof housing isnt big enough to house the LCD screen. You can only navigate the setting with the LCD screen installed.

    It looks to me like the video is on par with GoPro Hero, but not the Hero 2.

    Swann Freestyle HD & GoPro HERO 2 Comparison - YouTube

    I chose against buying it because it doesnt appear good enough in low light conditions, and the previous video does accurately portray similar lighting on the trails I ride.

    and why the hell cant i figure out how to embed this video
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    Sorry to open up an older thread, but that link has 271 reviews, and 75% of the reviews just say 'excellent' and the website is not Better Business Bureau Accredited. Did anyone purchase the one PretendGentleman mention of?

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    Have not, but if you have the Woot app on your phone, check out Tech.Woot.Com for a Pyle 720P or 1080P "Action Cam". It's not showing up on their full site, but it's only $39.99 and it looks a lot like the Swann Freestyle HD. I think I might get one just to check it out.

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