I have had a goPRO hero2 for awhile. I am just now starting to want to edit videos. I just got the wifi backpac yesterday and downloaded cineform. My goPRO and backpac are both up to date and working as should. I started using cineform to adjust the colors and it seemed really straight forward and simple. I liked it a lot and started getting the pictures to where they looked good. Then I clicked on the import and convert tab to add in some more video clips. Then the import new files panel decides it doesn't like to work.
This is what it does

It randomly puts stuff into the panel, sometimes my background or file names. It's driving me crazy. I've closed it, deleted it, and reinstalled it but it just does the same thing.

I can still import videos and put them into the conversion list but I can't watch or edit.


Any help would be much appreciated. I can't find anything similar to this anywhere. Cineform won't even open on my windows vista desktop. It just says error.