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    Fix corrupted files!!!

    i dropped my cam and ruined the video of the coolest part of the ride.. 2 hrs of video and i missed the best part.. so i check online and found how to fix my effed up files enjoy!!!

    How to repair corrupted MP4 files from a GoPro.....for free!

    Updated 7/30/13:

    So I just discovered the most awesome thing ever. A couple months ago I had a really bad crash that damaged my GoPro and corrupted the video file of the flight with the crash. I put the SD card in a card reader and pulled off a video of an earlier flight, but left it otherwise alone thinking that if I got my GoPro repaired or got a new one, I could use its SOS mode to repair it. Recently Scott (Scotttu) was able to fix my GoPro and I got it back today, but when I put that memory card back in for some reason it didn't go into SOS mode, so I was left in the same situation as before with a corrupted MP4 file on my hands.

    In a last ditch measure I started Googling methods of repairing corrupted MP4 files, and amazingly enough I found one that worked. I thought I'd post it here for reference for my fellow chronic crashers. I can personally verify this works on files from a GoPro, and the repair utility's website lists a number of other cameras it should work with as well.


    1. Download HD Video Repair Utility: Unzip it to a folder on your PC (no installation required) and run the file gs.exe.

    Note: The latest version of the utility has been patched to prevent using this trick. You will therefore have to use an old version of the utility. Here is a link to download the old version

    Fortunately you don't have to install the program to run it. Just run the app gs.exe from the folder.

    However to get it to work, you will have to run it with your computer disconnected from the internet.

    If I try to run the old version while my computer is online, it gives me a message saying "There was an important program fix after your download. Please go to to download a more recent version!", then the program closes and it opens their webpage in your browser. But If you disconnect from the internet before running it, that message doesn't appear, so it should work fine.

    2. That utility sadly is a demo that will only repair 50% of the file for free (you have to pay an outrageous 29 EUR for a mere 5 repairs, or 99 EUR for unlimited repairs--probably more than you want to spend just to repair a stinking video file). Fortunately, there is a way to trick the demo version into repairing the full video. It calculates how much it will repair by file size. So....double the file size of the source video, and it will repair the whole thing!

    To do this:

    a. Make a copy of your corrupted video file and put it in the same directory as the original. Rename the two files something simple like "video1.mp4" and "video2.mp4."

    b. Open the Windows command line (run>cmd) and navigate to the folder with the video files using the cd command.

    c. Type "copy/b video1.mp4+video2.mp4" (without the quotes) and hit enter. It will now merge video2 into video1, so video1 will have doubled in file size.

    3. Go back to the repair utility and select the "repair" action. Click the "Choose movie" button and select your merged video file (video1.mp4 in my example). Then click the "Choose reference movie" button and select any other properly functioning raw video file from the same camera to serve as a reference file.

    4. Click the "Scan" button and wait for the utility to repair the file. You should then be able to find the full repaired video in a newly created sub-directory of the source folder called "repaired."

    5. Your video file should now be repaired and will play smoothly up to the moment when your camera quit recording (GoPros will apparently loose the last 30 seconds before a crash).


    1. First download the video repair utility here : (you may still need to use an old version just like for Windows)

    2. Unzip the downloaded file (which might be automatic) and double-click the "" or "gs" included file.

    3. The first time you launch it, you might have a warning message about the app coming from an unidentified developer. This is an OS X security for the first time you launch downloaded applications. To temporarily disable it, go to System Preferences (in the Apple menu), then Security and Confidentiality / General tab.
    Clic the locker icon, enter your password, then set authorization for downloaded applications to "from anywhere" (I am actually using it in French, so the English wording might be a bit different).You should now be able to open the Once you have done it, put the security setting back to its original setting.

    4. Then use the repair tool (you will need one working video with the same settings as the one you want to repair).

    5. Since the demo version only repairs 50% of the video, you need to double the file size. Here is how to double the file size on a Mac:

    - Open the Terminal app (time Terminal in Spotlight, upper right of your screen)
    - Type "cat " without the quotes. The space is important.
    - Then drag you video to the terminal window. This will input the path to the file plus a space in the Terminal window,
    - Drag the video file to the terminal window a second time.
    - Type "> " in the terminal
    - Drag the video file to the terminal window a third time.
    - Using the left arrow, go before the extension (.MP4 for my GoPro) and type "doubled". This just adds "doubled" to the name of the result file.

    The line in Terminal should look like that, where the actual path can be a lot longer:
    cat /PATH/GOPR0002.MP4 /PATH/GOPR0002.MP4 > /PATH/GOPR0002doubled.MP4

    Press the Return key. If you do not get an error message, you will just have the usual invite in the Terminal after the copy is complete ...and a double-sized file with "doubled" added to its name in the original location :-)

    Hope you guys find this useful!

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    ~Patrick M.

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    Good info....thanks for sharing!
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    Doubling the file didn't work for me, but you can still find version 1.5 of the HD Video Repair Utility. 1.5 was freeware. And if your microSD is corrupt to the point where your computer can't even read the files, give TestDisk a try (happened to me in back July).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuglio;10663272

    Hope you guys find this useful!

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    ~Patrick M.

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    Yes, thnks for sharing this info....

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