So after a bad injury last year from downhill , i been getting my feet wet again and trying to loosen up a bit. Started late in the season this year but its better then never. I had more footage but the Gopro would shut off by itself when protune was enabled while recording . When i disabled it , the problem went away. Im assuming that the SD card might not be up to par with its demands i guess? Anyways , the camera is a GoPro Hero 2 with the latest firmware. Im going to buy a better SD card since this one came free with the camera lol .

Heres a short little last run clip of the day with some dude that was visiting from Cali. This is from Mountain Creek Bike Park located in Vernon, NJ . Feels great to be back on a bike ! Enjoy . This trail is just a fast . flowy, fun trail to rip on . Watch in HD

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