Following on from a successful World Premiere last month in Monterey, California, and a series of Regional Premieres taking place all over the world in locations like Montreal, Maribor, Denver, Calgary, Newfoundland, Budapest, Portugal, New Zealand and Ireland, the cutting edge documentary of mountain bike gravity racing, F1RST, has its official release date today, with copies commercially available next week.

F1RST is 83mins in length and primarily covers the 2007 international race season following the stars of the sport such as Sam Hill, Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar, The Athertons, Brendan Fairclough, Sam Blenkinsop and a host of others, as well spotlighting some of the up and coming talents in the sport. The DVD will also feature extras including the director’s commentary, and outtake reel, and crash & case section

The film's creator and director, Clay Porter, is already on the road for the next movie project but had this to say about the release of the movie:

"F1RST is pretty much the culmination of my love for bikes manifested into a film. If there is one thing I want the viewer to get out of watching the film it would be that bikes, and our sport, rule. I know that for the majority of people that will watch the film, the day they put a leg over a bike was almost like chapter two of their life. I know for me and the majority of my friends that the bike is a powerful tool which has brought us joy, freedom and a focus in life. I just want to thank everyone who has believed in the film and let me know how much they enjoyed it. This means a lot to me…..and most importantly, I want to thank all of the riders in the film for believing in the project and being a part of it. Today is an exciting day for me."

The movie will be available from the following distributors:

USA - VAS Entertainment : www.vasentertainment.com Contact: ben@vasentertainment.com
Canada - Ryeka Sport - www.ryekasport.com
Europe - X-treme - www.x-tremevideo.com
YD Open - New Zealand - www.wideopen.co.nz
Australia - Black Phoenix Films - http://blackphoenixfilms.homestead.com/phoenix.html
Japan - Visualize Image - info@visualizeimage.com
South America - Action Sports South America

F1RST will be available through many online retailers one of which is www.kickerfilms.com

F1RST was made with the financial support from the following companies who believe in the vision of the film's creator: Fox Racing Shox, Santa Cruz Bicycles, decline Magazine, Troy Lee Designs, FUNN, e.thirteen components, Formula Brakes and adidas eyewear.

For more information: www.f1rstmovie.com