Kingdom Trails has been packing in some of their summer trails and running them for fat bikes. I took last Friday before Nemo to try them out, and was rewarded with fresh powder at Burke in the afternoon.

All in all the trails are in great shape but the conditions really dictate the quality of the experience. Single track was good but slow. Not sure if trails made for winter biking would flow differently, but those on the east side of Darling Hill worked well. Uphill corners were manageable and nothing was too steep. Dust on crust is a dangerous recipe for studs or fat tires though.

I think, all things equal, this will end up being fat-tire-only riding, and only on days after things have been packed in well and frozen solid. There's a lot of ice flow under on certain KT trails.

Full trail report here:

Nor'Easter Backcountry: Winter Biking and Powder Skiing in the Kingdom

Hopefully you'll enjoy the read and get up to KT sooner than later.