Just because the kids are back in schools doesn’t mean summers quite over yet. The trail crew has been loving the cooler temps and they have been working their buts off keeping the trails in super shape. We’ve gotten Rock Star dialed in for the race on the 25th. The XC loop (Buckshot/Palisades) has received some much needed work. The newest jumps on lower Keep it Going have been tweaked and are flowing better.
Like I said before, we have a DH race on the 25th of September. Competitors can get the registration form at Sunday River | Events Calendar: The Sunday River Fall Classic. The course has been marked for those looking to get some runs on it before race day. The course is Rock Star to the upper pieces of Rt. 229 after which it will wind down the open ski slope to a finish near the bottom of the lift. Feedback so far is that the course is fast and fun. A preview of the course is available here: .