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    Stratham Hill tree clearing / logging

    Not sure how many folks on here ride up at Stratham Hill park, but it's one of my favorite spots for getting a quick couple of hours in. Just a heads up - apparently there's some kind of insect infestation, and they had to clear out a pretty good sized chunk of the SE side of the park.

    Hemlock woolly adelgid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This used to be the last 1/4 or so of the Father and Son trail/segment going east to west:

    The trail itself is completely gone after that point, all the way up to the USA Today box and the start of that trail. When I first came to it, I was pedaling my ass off trying to get a decent time on the Strava segment there (F&S was my favorite trail there) and was pretty stunned when the trail just immediately ended in a big wash of downed trees and logging equipment. I was pissed off at first (thinking they were expanding the nearby housing development into the park or something), but shortly came across this:

    Hopefully they get it under control, but still a bummer - a few trails on the S/SW side are just gone, (though they did cut a few detours).
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    The spread of Woolt Adelgid has been devastating in many parts of southern New England. It can hard to see local tails ruined by the preventative logging, but I understand the decision.

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    The sign says temporary closure. Plan to help out with the reclamation once the logging is done. The trail is still there, you'll just need to uncover it. Believe me, we know how difficult this can be.

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