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    Stratham Hill Park Trail Map

    Does anyone know of a map showing the mountain bike trails in the park. If not a map then the colors of the blazes to make sure I am on the right trail? Last time I rode there I got sidetracked and ended up in some development under construction.


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    just gotta spend more time riding it to figure it out. it's a tiny area. it all links up into a 7+ mile loop with no doubling back. rides great in both directions.


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    Thanks Rog! I pieced it together but it was night and while I thought I new if from day riding at night it seemed different.

    See you out there!

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    There is a map online of stratham hill park if you search. It doesn't have the bike trails, but it might help you figure things out a little better.
    Get out and ride even when you don't want to because ten minutes into the ride you'll be glad you did.

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