Both the mens and ladies Specialized demo trucks are coming to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comLittleton</st1:City></ST1 this coming Monday, Columbus day from 12-4pm. This is your best chance to come ride some of the hottest bikes around. Some of these are not even available yet. Come try the all new Venge which Cavendish doesn’t want to give up or the Fate an all carbon 29r just for ladies! The event takes place in Remich park, just around the corner from the shop we will have directions or if you just do a quick google search you will see it. There will be plenty of bikes for you to try whether you want road or mountain, mens or ladies. Please if you can show up, because just having folks come and try something helps me to get the trucks again when I ask. I hope to have a list of whats on board the trucks before the event so email questions!!

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