Nice job with these trails! Da wife and I rolled into town without much more than a couple bikes and having read somewhere that there were some trails west of East Burke. Not much action around , so we sought out the next best thing to a bar or bike shop (it was about 9am)... the local bagel shop near downtown. Not many bikers here either... maybe we were too late.. but the counter person shouted to the outback and we received directions... accurate directions to the skate rink!
Some local kids with adult supervision were working dang hard on their bike park so we knew we were in the right area. We got the local description of the trails and headed out.
Climb! Yeah this place must breed some mega super star climbers! BUT, it is worth it... we struck out on the yellow and climbed some more- nice stone work up there- and then started down- got to the pines and really liked this part- back to the main access and back up again to the blue... followed that out and walked the two big hucks and the rest was good fun.
You all have done some real nice work! Thank you!