I don't know if this counts as spam, but it's not my bike and I have no connection to the seller other than described below.


I test rode this exact bike a while back and almost bought it but went with a Pitch instead. He is honest about the issues it has: minor clunk from a loose bushing, and a small amount of wear on the fork crown.

This was one of the reasons I passed on the bike - I mistakenly thought there was 1mm or so of wear into a hollow crown. If you check the specs on the Rockshox site, only the 454 has a hollow crown. The 409 has a solid crown, so the slight amount of cable wear should be negligible.

The seller is (was?) a bike shop manager and mechanic. Last time I saw and rode it, the bike was in excellent condition. Someone looking for a burly all-mountain / light freeride bike could do a lot worse.