About a month ago I did a credit card/light tour (attempted) from upstate NY to the coast of Maine, hitting as many rail trails as I could in the 2 day ride. The ride didn't go as expected, but I wound up having a lot of fun on day two, finding my way into some MTB trails that I didn't expect. I'm trying to figure out what they're called, since a buddy of mine and I would like to go back out, re-ride the rail trails (with proper bikes this time), and find those trails. I have to think there was more than I wound up on since I saw a few folks on full sus bikes. I really enjoy gravel grinding and riding my road bike where it doesn't really belong but these were above my ability on that bike (especially without CX tires.)

I was just outside of Manchester, I rode the Goffstown trail and took a turn I shouldn't have.

My intended route was to cross the river there and continue straight, but I'm guessing a bridge was missing because I don't recall taking a turn to wind up in the park. The trails led out to some baseball and soccer fields. The turn I took was right before Pinard St. On my map there was an old rail/converted rail bridge that I was supposed to cross and continue on the north side of the river.

Here is an image of the trail that I stopped and took... and that's the bike I was on.

Any help would be much appreciated - the trails that I ended up on are more techy than I typically like but a buddy of mine loves that stuff and I think he'd really enjoy that part of the ride, and I really enjoy cruising rail trails.