Rode Killington this weekend and had a blast! The best part about this place was the varied terrain - my gf rode DH for the first time and was able to handle the greens just fine. Half the mountain was closed due to a race, but there was still tons of fun to be had on half the mountain.

The trails were thought out, fun and varied. Not a ton of super duper flowing stuff with berms or soft dirt, but still some varied terrain. Even the intro service roads can be fun since you can really haul ass on them and there's little jumps on the side to get the tires off the ground. Every trail was very clearly marked.

The bikes were great. You could rent Stinky's and Operators. I went for the Stinky and it was fine for everything I rode. I honestly could have done most of the trails I ran down on either of my Cowans, I think. The bikes were all in great shape and I felt very confident on mine. They stuck my gf on a 15" Stinky which was a bit too big for her to feel completely solid on (she's 5') but after a run or two it was fine.

The staff was beyond super friendly and helpful. One of the guys who helped us get our gear stopped to chat with us at lunch time. One of the other guys who helped us get our gear ate his lunch with my girlfriend to keep her company as her brother and I got one more run in before a break. He then shot the **** with us for a while after, seeing what trails we ran and suggested some more after seeing what kinda terrain we were hunting for.

Finally, I loved that the resort was still a resort. Bars, grills, bands - the place was hopping!

My main gripe was the "intro" trail was lots of gravel and loose rocks which isn't the greatest to build confidence on. It's not a huge deal for most riders but for real beginners taking a turn on gravel isn't the easiest (hell, the only time I wiped out was there!) There were some parts of the green trail which I found more difficult than parts of their diamonds, as well. Again, more of an issue for n00bs. The last gripe was one of the trails dumped you out pretty far from the base and I ride some XC to get back - but that's just a gripe because I was lazy. Finally, maybe I missed them or maybe they were on the other side of the mountain but I couldn't find any real jumps / drops. It seems like every diamond I went down was just really techy but nothing to do anything crazy off of. Again, I may have just missed them as I was half doing my thing and half running ahead of my gf on the greens.

Overall this place is great!! Go!!