• 01-05-2013
    Beginner Downhill Vermont or New Hampshire?
    Any places where Joe Average bike rider with a downhill can have fun? Any mountains with footage that show these trails? I am a decent rider but dont have a 530000 bike or wanna die... ANy info would be appreciated.
  • 01-05-2013
    Check out Highland Mountain Park.

    Highland Mountain Bike Park
  • 01-08-2013
    highland is always fun, bretton woods is pretty laid back nothing really to gnarly
  • 01-11-2013
    Highlands pretty nice- great trails that tend to be smooth and buffed out for max speed and fun. They even have good, well marked and fun run arounds in case you don't want to hit the drops on the more technical trails (Cat's Paw is a great little run, can't wait to see what they do with it next season). Rode there last summer with a messed shoulder and was still able to have a lot of fun despite not being able to jump worth a damn.

    A lot of Killington's "easier" trails are on their gravel access roads, fun stuff but crashing tends to result in lost skin if you're not armored up.
  • 01-11-2013
    Killiingtons has two extremes the easy trails as stated above on there dirt roads are pretty laid back but there diamond trails can get pretty steep and tend to be really rocky but if your ride conservative anything there is manageable
  • 01-27-2013
    Check out Sugarbush. Lift serve 7 days/week all levels. There is also great all mt. riding too.
  • 03-04-2013
    i plan on going to highland (for my first time) this spring/summer. there is a lot of stuff on youtube. their website has maps of the place. they have beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails (according to map)
  • 03-05-2013
    I rode Highland a ton last year. It was my first season downhilling. The trails are very progressive as in you can start off on the easier ones and work your way up. There's also a small skills park with different levels of drops to practice on.

    A couple days at Highland did more for my riding skills than anything else I've done so far. I can't recommend it enough.