• 02-11-2012
    Green Giant
    Who is running 12 x 142 on rear...
    So, I got all of about 5 rides on my El Rey in last fall (baby, new house, job went nuts, family health issues etc).

    So, while I am on the fence about selling it (I may do some endurance racing next season and sell both it and my giant carbon 29er hardtail to go to a 29er FS that is a bit lighter) in the meantime I am going to get it built up for next season.

    I do have the 12 x 142 rear dropouts. My understanding is that the MAXLE won't work as the bearing for the pivot gets in the way. So, I have the Shimano insert for their AX-75 QR.

    I thought I had heard a lighter replacement was coming for the AX-75, but just finding the AX-75 is hard enough.

    So, wondering if there is a thru-bolt alternative that would work with either the maxle dropout, or the shimano insert.

    Figure it might save a few oz and be just as easy.

  • 02-11-2012
    I'm curious what 29er FS would be a lighter option? Also, what is your weight target?

  • 02-11-2012
    Green Giant
    Is this hijacking my own thread?

    Anyways, my local shop wants me to race for them next year and is offering me a heck of a deal on a Jet 9 carbon with sid XX. So, that would be a lighter frame and fork. That said it's still pricey so it would necessitate selling both the ventana and my Giant Composite 29er (which may not be a bad thing as my neck and lower back have been acting up on and off and maybe I should just ride a dually all of the time).

    So, not sure. Don't love the idea of a carbon dually being my only ride though, as when I take trips out west or east I tend to ride rocky crap and still don't trust carbon frames for impact strength. (as my bro put a huge gash in his Tallboy a couple seasons ago).

    The Ventana I absoultely trust in any and all conditions, and that I am not sure if I want to give up.

    So, may just try to lighten up my El Rey...