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    Relative Anti Squat Profiles Published! (finally)

    Quote Originally Posted by Vespasianus View Post
    That is actually strange as generally, most SP bikes are designed to pedal better (more anti-squat) in smaller chain ring combo's than in larger. And honestly, 2 teeth is not alot. If I were to guess, and don't take this personally, it could be a sign of a poor pedal stroke. By spinning a little faster, in too small of a chain-combo, you are activating the suspension by weight shifts.

    I actually notice this myself. For example, when I ride my road bike, after a long hiatus, I often feel like I have "pedal bob" when I drop down to too low of a gear. Sounds crazy I know, but is a sign that my pedal stroke is gotten sloppy. There is of course, not "bob" but it feels very similar. And my dw linked bob actually makes me lazy and does not really respond to a bad pedal stroke. In contrast my old SP and HL bikes did.
    So because I don't have a good pedal stroke to notice pedal bob? Not taking it personally, but it seems like a non-explanation.

    I think there are a lot of people without a good pedal stroke who ride all kinds of bikes. IMO the biggest reason the DW link does so well is because it stiffens at the top of the stroke and allows people like me without perfect pedaling technique to get uphill without wasting energy.

    The CCDB or DBair takes care of the pedal bob on single pivots and prolly the FSR suspensions, so there's something for those of us who have crappy pedal strokes.
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