• 01-22-2013

    So...............the bike is COMPLETE!!!!!

    I switched out my Formula RX's for new XT's The rear howling seems to be cured by the resin pads.

    I thought I nearly had a minor disaster with the front brake today. I installed it and the line was just too long. Actually it still seems a bit too long, but I'm okay with it right now.

    I must have read those instructions on how to trim the hoses a million times and read all the posts on the subject.

    I uncrewed the hose, pulled out the line......tried to cut with an exacto, but couldnt, so I used some wire cutters, which actually made a good cut. But getting the new nipple on the hose was damn difficult! I dont have a vise so I thought I could just hold it with some wrapped pliers. I tried using a rubber mallet, but it just would go in. There was a little bit of oil spillage, but I couldn't tell if it was from the cut hose or the one in my hand. I finally just pushed the nipple in against my desk.

    I put the olive on (not really understanding what that part was for) and screwed the newly cut hose into the lever....screw things down....

    When I went to push the pistons in to semi bleed.....oil starts pumping out of the connection.....I pull the lever, and more oils starts coming out...DAMN!!!!! Oil seemed like it was everywhere!!!! got on my shirt, my pants......I felt like Robin Williams in RV!

    So I pull the hose out....inspect the end...and the olive is un-uniformilly deformed. I guess I inserted the hose in the wrong way and had the olive positioned incorrectly....

    So in goes a new olive......carefully screw things down......wipe everything with OH......install caliper.............align pads.......pump the brakes........

    It was still working fine. No mushiness....went for a ride to bed in the pads.....so far so good!!!!!!
  • 01-22-2013
    Nice bike, enjoy it! Those xt brakes are a good choice, super strong brakes:thumbsup:
  • 01-23-2013

    Originally Posted by fuenstock View Post
    Nice bike, enjoy it! Those xt brakes are a good choice, super strong brakes:thumbsup:

    This. I put them on my El Lobo--great brake set.