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Thread: One lucky kid!

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    One lucky kid!

    Hi, all -

    I'm new to the Ventana forum. I just picked up a 2008 el Ciclon frame for my 18-year old son. He outgrew every other bike in our stable except my Turner 5-Spot. I want my bike back and I want to ride with my son before he takes off to college next year. I found a fantastic deal on a frame and figured that buying the frame seemed like a good way to accomplish both. He still needs to earn a few components before the bike is ready to ride.

    It seems like every bike frame has its own quirks. Is there anything I need to be aware of or look out for on an el Ciclon? It has the 5-6" rockers and quad bearings. He's going to start out with an old 135mm Recon fork until he rebuilds a blown-out 150mm Marzocchi AM1 that's sitting in the corner.


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    The only thing I can think of is the FD cable needs a pretty tight radius as it goes down the seat tube. If not the cable will get pinched under full compression.

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    Yeah, I had to watch out for that routing aswell on my El Bastardo. I think part of problem was I am only running the 4"(100mm) travel rockers.

    BTW, nice construction company site.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JMac47 View Post
    part of problem was I am only running the 4"(100mm) travel rockers.
    I think you're right, the 4" rockers and possibly the 140mm rockers of old, where fairly short and brought the seatstay bridge close to the cable. At full compression. Both my Salt and Conquistador(Tandem) I had to pay attention to the routing, but my Bruja (V1.5) doesn't have the issue with the longer rockers.
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    One lucky kid!

    Thanks, everyone! That seems like something some of you learned the hard way.

    I really appreciate tips like that!


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