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Thread: El Salt Enduro

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    El Salt Enduro

    Need some feedback.

    I did my first Enduro race this weekend, it was a climb your way to the top type one. I used my El Salt which went up great, but was a bit sketch on the truly technical stuff.

    Not sure what year it is...maybe 06...the experts could chime in on that one.

    She's set at the stock 4" and is running a 4" sid.

    I've read you can run a slightly longer shock or put longer rockers on...or both.

    Anyone running those setups with a 120/140 fork?

    Seems like it would make a really nice Enduro racing setup

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    I thought my Salt was perfect with a 120mm fork--much better for fast, rocky terrain. You can also run a 2.25" stroke shock on the Salt, yielding a bit more than the stock 100mm travel (Push can change the stroke on your Float).

    Those two changes alone make the bike much more capable at speed.

    The 5" rockers will change the geo. of the bike, steepening the angles and raising the bb. It'll still ride ok, but I think the setup described above makes for a more fun, balanced bike.

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    Before you spend the $$ on having the shock stroke changed out. Make a dummy stick that has a hole for the bottom bolt, and then another set at 7.875" (200mm) then have another hole at 5.625 (142mm) so you can check to make sure the Seatstay bridge does not contact the seattube. You have an older version of the Salty than I do (the seattube pivot is on the BACKside of the seattube, mine is on the front) and so I can't confirm that the 2.25" stroke will work.

    I also run a RS Pike @ 115mm up front, and yes this bit of slackening makes the Salty much more fun on the DH techy stuff. Been running the 115/110 combo for about three years now and really don't have any complaints.
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    Wink Increased travel

    I run a TALAS 100/120/140 on my '07 Salty for the exact reason you mention and it provides a big difference when descending rocky rooty East coase chutes/trails. It also helps to crank down the travel while ascending long climbs.

    About two years ago, I had Push lengthen the shock stroke to 2.25" (based on conversations with SGibson) which increased the rear travel to 4.5". Despite the increased travel, it doesnt feel as if I gave anything up in terms of acceleration although i do run an RP23 platform shock. In an effort to get a bit more out of the front end, I recently swapped out my 2,25 Nevegal for a larger volume (2.4?) Ardent up front. (I also swapped the rear to an 2.25 Ardent. The Ardents are faster rolling tires than the Nevegals and therefore any increased rolling resitance provided by using larger vol tires was more than offset. In the end, the increased volume feels as if I've added a 1/2" to an 1" more travel up front and probably maxes out the Salty's desending ability. If you want anything more, its probably time to trade the frame under Ventana's trade in program for a new Ciclon.

    From what I've heard I'd stay away from 5" rockers on the Salty as it will definitely change the riding characteristics of the bike you like so much.

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    I ran my 2008 Salty with 5 inch rockers and a 120mm fork.....great for going down but sucked on the climbs. Then went to 4 inch rockers w/2.25 stroke shock and a 120mm fork.....great for doing down but sucked on the climbs. There you have it.

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    Not an expert but I am reckoning your frame may be pre 2005. My first Salty was 2005 and came with a lower looking top tube to what you have there, and a taco at the top of the seat tube top tube interface. I think this change (addition of taco, lowering of top tube) might have been a refinement on the frame you have. Stand to be corrected though.

    I ran my 2005 El Salt with a TALAS and 5 inch rockers from when I purchased it. Generally had the TALAS set at 5 inches.

    It was a pleasure to ride but I didn't realise how much better 4 and 4 was until I gave it a go. The bike felt less top heavy, more stable, and, as has been said millions of times, i felt I was more in the bike than on the bike (as it felt in 5 and 5).

    The vintage of El Salt you have is a much better ride at 4 and 4.

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