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Thread: El Ray

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    I've had 2 El orange, the other superdust (yes...just change of color). I ran a 120 fork and it felt very balanced. Definitely have the rear shock Pushed; this reduced the bob and improved the square hits. I ended up moving to a Rip9 though, mainly just for something different. I find the Rip to be more plush. I also have better stand over, which is a jewel saver on technical trails.

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    Maybe its me but I don't recall much mentioned about durability in these which frame pedals better posts. I'm going on year 3 with my El Rey. Replaced the bearings once so far. That's it nothing else and the paint still looks fantastic! Even after getting pounded by some AZ rocks.

    As for pedal bob. The El Rey has some. Recently I went with a RS Monarch RT3 from Push Industries. What a world for difference it has made in that area. Another bonus is I'm running 40 PSI less then I did with the Pushed RP23 or Pushed FloatR.
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