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    El ciclon coil or air?

    Thinking of getting a coil shock for my el ciclon (the path) edition as a shock for days when I am doing shuttles or really long descents. What are people experiences out there with different coil shock options on this frame?

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    I prefer coil, but air is lighter. My new Ciclon isn't here, so I won't be able to give you an opinion for a while.

    If you can have two shocks, do it. I have a DHX coil I'll try on my Ciclon, but that'll be after I get the bike (not expected for a while) and get my leg better. I'm going to try it with air first though.

    I rode air and coil on my X-5 though. I prefer the feel of coil on the 5"+ travel bikes, air on the 4" inch bike (El Salt).

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    Love my Coil on the El Ciclon Path Ed. Wouldn't have it any other way. I'm guessing the DHX is adding 1lb. Goes great with the Pike up front.

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