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    Quote Originally Posted by Stripes View Post
    Of course it's not going to feel plush like your Ciclon! You're talking 100mm travel vs 140/150mm, like LncNuvue said. I would agree with him that you're not making an fair comparison.

    You're also riding the Path edition right? That's really different geo than standard Ventana geos. One of the things I really did not like about the 2nd gen Ciclon was the slacker seat tube angle--it put my legs at a weird angle, and I just could not get comfortable on that bike, no matter how much I tried. Slacking out the head angle didn't help, because it was the seat tube angle and long reach (even despite it's being shortened 10mm for me), it was still too much forward lean for me.

    But if you have the Path edition, it has a lot more slack head angle and more steeper seat tube angle, and that allows you to get over the front end better on climbs.

    If you did most of your climbs in a gear lower than 30T, I'm sure you'd feel very differently. The best gearing for the Ventana for me was the 30T single ring and the 11-36 cassette (I would have preferred more gears in the back at the time, but I wasn't going to invest in XX1 or a general lee cassette mod).

    The Ventanas ALWAYS felt great downhill. Never an issue with how they eat up bumps. The X-5 felt better to me than the 2nd gen Ciclon on the DH. It was just solid and could plow easily. It was corners were the X-5 didn't shine as well as the 2nd gen Ciclon for me. The Ibis has no problems eating up the same bumps as the Ventanas though, but it just takes longer to get the rear dialed in.

    I hear you on taking unnecessary risks, but if you're afraid of getting hospitalized, don't mountain bike. Even the easiest ride could put you in the hospital. Just a fact of riding.

    Both my Ventana and Mojo HD are quiet when riding. Never an issue with either bike.

    LOL Anne!! I've been there! I think I'm a lot old than you younguns....two dislocated shoulders, a few concusions and a fractured humerus......those late 90's were crazy for me! I rode a Foes Slammer at the time and just let it fly!

    The Path Ciclon geo really is neat. It does climb well. The only limiting factor for me is that I had to go with a heavier wheelset. Oh, and the extra body weight!

    I know its not ideal to compare the Ciclon and the Flux bike to bike as their design, features, travel etc..are different. My intention was to comment on the suspension design from my own experiences, not to compare the bikes head to head. I think that if I had as El Salt or a 5-spot, and compared the bikes accordingly, my feelings would probably be the same. The DW is not as plush but is a better climber. The Ciclon is stiffer in the rear laterally (from my own experience).

    Both bikes are awesome. The main reasons why I went form the Flux to the Ciclon was the geometry and I wanted more travel.

    But I love Dave Turner's bikes. Oh yeah......I did have an RFX back in the late 90's. That was an awesome bike as well.

    I'm a huge fan of Sherwood and company as well. I like that the bike is made in house, it displays great craftmanship, and it has a kind of classic design aura about it, as opposed to the cutting edge modern physics of the Turner and DW, the Ibis Mojo even moreso.

    DW link comparison?-img_4402_zps7674a74a.jpg
    This is the Path Ciclon.

    I really liked the Flux. It was super solid as well. I think the Spot would be a great ride as well.
    DW link comparison?-img_3536.jpg

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    El CicloPath!!!!!!!
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    The pic didnt show... here it is:

    DW link comparison?-img_4402_zps7674a74a.jpg

    hmmm pic not showingup

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